Running is one of the most popular sports in Missoula, and I'm beginning to think that's because we not only have great trail runs, but treats like ice cream as the post-run reward.

That's the combination in play this weekend, as Missoula's premier organization promoting young girls running holds the "Little Dipper Trail Run" up the Rattlesnake.

And if the great trails, wildflowers and fun run aren't enough to get your girls on the trail, I can guarantee the finish line Big Dipper ice cream will be motivation.

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Go Run Missoula

Go Run Missoula is a non-profit organization that works with agencies like Missoula Parks and Recreation to encourage fitness, with the philosophy that you don't have to finish first to have fun running.

"The goal is to get out there on the trails up in the Rattlesnake and smell the wildflowers," explains Angela Bridegam, Go Run's Executive Director. "Run with friends and enjoy the experience of just being out and pushing themselves to reach their running goals."

"We intentionally choose this season to get them out there. We also have the opportunity to educate them on the importance of not picking the wildflowers both to instead run by them and enjoy them with their eyes."

Go Run Missoula photo
Go Run Missoula photo

Setting goals

The idea is to show the girls what they can accomplish through "non-competitive" running.

"That just means that we want everybody to be successful," Bridegam stresses. "So setting goals that make sense for their personal limits and desires."

That can be as simple as finishing a run, or just enjoying time with a friend or a favorite coach.

The Little Dipper Run starts at 2 pm at the soccer fields on Duncan Avenue. Pre-registration is available at the Go Run Missoula website.

More coming for the Marathon

Go Run Missoula has big plans again for Missoula Marathon Weekend.

"We will actually run a camp the week leading into the Marathon weekend and our summer camp culminates with running the 5K, which is included in our registration fee."

Scholarships are also available.

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