Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On February 15, 2024, Missoula County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were dispatched to the 1100 block of Big Flat Road for a report of forced entry. At approximately 10:41 PM, a deputy responded to the above address, owned by Jane and John Doe. Jane had called 911 to report that a male had forced entry into their home and had been scared off.  

When the deputy arrived, he was advised by Jane and John that the suspect was wearing a black sweatshirt over black pants and had a white shirt tied around his waist. Jane reported that she and John had been awoken to a banging noise at the back of the home, at the downstairs door. Jane described the noise to sound as though a tool was being used. 

Jane stated she and John went downstairs with their dog and they observed a male inside the residence. Jane stated she thought she heard the male say “oh s**t.” Jane and John then observed the male turn around and run away out the back door. It was then they called 911.  

Law Enforcement Attempted to Locate the Suspect 

A corporal was at the intersection of Big Flat Road and Luna Lane when he observed a vehicle coming around the corner. Due to the road conditions coupled with the tight corner, both vehicles were traveling very slowly. The corporal utilized the flood bar on his vehicle to illuminate the driver. He observed a white male in the driver’s seat, who appeared to be wearing a black hoodie with the hood pulled up over his head. He also noted the driver seemed very reluctant to make any eye contact. 

The corporal relayed this information to a Missoula Police Department officer, who conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle. They found the vehicle to be occupied by one male, identified as 26-year-old Michael Farley. 

The corporal told Farley he was stopped because he matched the description of a suspect who had fled the scene of a burglary. The corporal noted Farley appeared very nervous, said nothing, his hands were shaking, and his face appeared panicked. The corporal also observed a red crowbar tucked between the passenger seat and the center console. 

The Tire Tracks and Foot Tracks Match 

Farley was asked to step out of the vehicle and he was placed into handcuffs. While doing so, the corporal observed that Farley had a small laceration on his left hand that appeared to be fresh. The corporal contacted the deputy who was on the scene at the residence. They discussed the tire tracks and foot tracks found at the residence. The corporal was informed that the tire tracks in the driveway were from a Cooper Discoverer AT3, the same tires on Farley’s vehicle. 

The deputy then provided the corporal with a picture of the shoe prints from the scene. The corporal matched that picture to a print left on the ground when Farley was asked to step out of the car. The deputy also told the Corporal that the door of the residence had red paint transfer with tool marks and that there appeared to be a small amount of blood located at the scene; both of which lined up with the red crowbar and the small laceration to Farley’s hand.  

Farley was read his Miranda rights and declined to speak with law enforcement. Farley is currently being charged with felony attempted burglary and felony criminal mischief. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable. 

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