Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - The Montana Department of Transportation will be using traffic control on Monday morning in order to remove several dead and dying trees at Russell and West Broadway.

I spoke with Joan Redeen, Executive Assistant for Communications for the Missoula District of the Montana Department of Transportation about the project.

Dead and Dying Trees to be Removed on Monday

“This coming Monday, July 8, we will have one of our maintenance crews removing some trees that are dead and dying at the corner of Broadway and Russell,” began Redeen. “Unfortunately, one of the consequences of having to do this removal is a lane closure on Broadway. They will be closing the right turn lane that turns on to Russell. Folks will still be able to turn on the Russell. It's just going to cause a little bit of a backup for travel there for a short while.”

Redeen explained the process by which such decisions are made.

The Trees could pose a Hazard if they Fall onto a Busy Street

“We do this only when it's a potential hazard,” she said. “We certainly don't want a tree falling on the roadway as cars are driving by. We work with all kinds of different organizations, and so we have arborists that come and take a look at our trees, and they get to a point where they'll say, ‘this must come down, or it's going to come down on its own’. That’s why we want to be proactive, rather than reactive, and make sure that the traveling public is safe, and so those trees do need to come out to be sure that they don't fall on a vehicle.”

Redeen said this kind of work goes on almost every day, but they’re alerting the public due to the location.

“It is a part of our everyday maintenance with the department,” she said. “Tree work is done throughout the district on a very regular basis. Often folks in the communities are not aware that we're out there doing tree work. This one just happens to be impactful because of the location, so we're making the public aware.”


Crews will begin work at 7:00 a.m. on Monday

Redeen provided more specific information about the project.

“It is scheduled to occur on Monday, July 8, and we are currently saying they'll start work at seven in the morning,” she said. “All this is, of course, weather and all other factors permitting, starting at seven in the morning. Their goal is to be completely done no later than five o'clock that day. They do actually hope to only be on Broadway for a limited time period, and then moving over to that little side road (near McDonalds), so the impact to Broadway hopefully will be minimal.”

Only one of the turn lanes from Broadway onto Russell will be affected for a short time.

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