Montana Senator Steve Daines called the KGVO Newsmakers line on Wednesday to provide an update on his activities in Washington, D.C.

First on the Senator’s mind was the celebration of National Agriculture Week in Montana.

Daines Called to Celebrate National Agriculture Week

“What makes Montana unique and sets us apart is our ag economy and frankly, the Montana way of life that is supported by agriculture,” began Daines. “Every five years Congress puts together the farm bill to make sure we are supporting our number one economic driver in Montana, which is agriculture.”

Senator Daines addressed a number of issues during his call to KGVO, one of which included the recent historic meeting between Chinese President Xi’s visit to Moscow where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which Daines said pointed out the lack of leadership shown by the United States.

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Daines said Xi and Putin's Meeting Pointed out American Weakness

“Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow is just another glaring sign of American weakness,” he said. This is just getting right back in the face of Joe Biden that are exploiting his weakness. You saw how he absolutely fumbled and mishandled the Chinese spy balloon, all the while the Chinese I think were laughing at us. And that's a huge problem. And when you have ruthless dictators like Vladimir Putin, and Xi Jinping, they will exploit that weakness.”

Daines was also asked about the effect of ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and how it is affecting the world of business and investing.

“What is ESG?,” he asked. “This is where the lefties are imposing their woke way of life on corporate America. It is driving the green agenda. It's driving this radical gender ideology that somehow gender is fluid. I'll tell you what, let me be clear. In Montana and across this country, boys should be left to be boys and girls should be left to be girls.”

Daines Referenced Biden's First Veto of his Presidency Regarding ESG

Daines referenced the first veto of President Biden’s term that occurred last  Monday on a resolution to overturn a  retirement investment rule that allows managers of retirement funds to consider the impact of climate change and other environmental, social, and governance factors when picking investments.

“What this bill did that we passed said, was that you can't be focused on these ESG ideologies,” he said. “You’ve got to be focused on doing the right thing for your shareholders. And listen, Joe Biden just vetoed that. That says a lot about how far left this President is. He may be incompetent, Peter, but he's also ideologically very, very liberal.”

The resolution passed both chambers of Congress, with two Democratic Senators voting with the Republican minority, including Montana’s Democratic Senator Jon Tester.

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