Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Montana Senator Steve Daines called into the KGVO Newsmakers line on Tuesday morning and commiserated about the record-cold temperatures headed this way, while sharing a story about the energy policies in Great Britain and Europe.

Shivering in London's where it's 53 Degrees

“A colleague in London was literally bundled up shivering in her apartment in London,” began Senator Daines. “It was 53 degrees in her apartment, and her heating bills have gone up 500 percent. It's a reminder to all of us about what happens when you allow politicians and leaders to pursue what I will call it this ‘green hallucination’, that somehow we're going to run the world on wind and solar without understanding what fossil fuels mean, for economic security and national security and just to stay alive.”

Daines continued on that theme of once again securing American energy independence.

“We cannot let this ‘woke, far left’ pursuit of ‘green’ take over this country,” he said. “Especially when they shut down the Keystone Pipeline, new oil and gas leases and shut down coal. Peter, it can be very, very dangerous, particularly when you start looking at temperatures in Montana. They're going to be down to minus 20 or minus 30, and we're going to be tapping nearly minus 40 in some places in Montana, and that's without the wind chill.”

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Daines was also proud of his role in recently passing the National Defense Authorization Act, pointing out Montana’s nuclear arsenal.

Scaring the Hell out of our Enemies Since 1962

“In Montana, we’re proud that we have one of the most important parts of the nuclear triad,” he said. “One-third of that triad, the intercontinental ballistic missiles is in Montana, and I'm proud of the 341st missile wing in Great Falls. In fact, one of my favorite military challenge coins that I have in my office here in Washington was given to me by one of the commanders in Great Falls several years ago, and it says simply this Peter, ‘Scaring the hell out of America's enemies since 1962.’”

Title 42 Still in Place Temporarily

Daines then pointed out the importance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to place a stay on the ending of Title 42 at the southern border.

“Thank God our Supreme Court intervened just yesterday,” he said. “Chief Justice Roberts ordered this Title 42 which Trump President Trump put in place to temporarily stay in place. It was set to lift tomorrow. Now it's going to stay there. What that means is if it was lifted, and this is very important as it relates to back to using Title 42. From a healthcare emergency viewpoint, they're using this to stop 14,000 additional illegals a day coming into our country.”

Daines calls into KGVO once a month to let listeners know what he’s working on in the U.S. Senate.

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