Townsquare Media is pleased and proud to announce that Dennis Bragg, long with the Montana Television Network and KPAX-TV, is now the new Brand Manager of KYSS-FM, as well as a contributor to Townsquare stations and websites.

KGVO News hosted Bragg on the Tuesday morning Talk Back Show where he related his history and background.

One remarkable story revealed that Bragg was literally born into the radio business.

“My dad, of course, was in radio,” began Bragg. “I was raised and my first house was actually KPRK Radio in Livingston, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places. I don't know how I feel about that, but they had an apartment on the end of the station there. The anecdotal story my mom tells is that they would come in every morning and throw the lid back on the big teletype machine which you and I remember called The Clacker, and they would throw it against the wall in my crib was on the other side, so it would wake me up every morning.”

Bragg said like so many in radio and television, sharing information is the heart of the business and what he truly loves.

“What we love about not just radio but television, anything where you're sharing that information, it almost becomes like your calling,” he said. “I'm insanely curious. Well, I'm just kind of insane but I'm insanely curious, and I love finding out stuff I've learned and experienced so many things over the years, and that's really what's fun about it.”

Bragg knows that if you don’t have fun, it’s not good radio, so he related a story where he worked with the KZOQ Radio morning show during a Thanksgiving turkey drive that included ‘gravy shots’.

“We decided what can we do for the turkey drive and I said well it let's do a stunt,” he said. “Let's do these gravy shots. One year all of our listeners said we had some insanely high number it was like 800 turkeys that we're going to bring in. I said, ‘Well if we get 800 turkeys I'll take a gravy shot on the air’. So here I am on Monday on the air taking a shot of this gravy, you know, with a little shot glass and the homemade gravy. But Erin Yost  (his on-air co-host) was just about collapsing. She declined to do it, especially when I got the whipped cream chaser.”

Bragg has embraced the Townsquare concept of using radio and digital media to reach more people with more information.

“What's nice here as part of Townsquare Media, including KGVO, KYSS and our other family of stations is we have all of those kinds of resources because even though we're radio, nowadays it really is a multimedia effect. So yeah, we'll still be touching on those issues and work with Peter and Nick (on KGVO) and tell those kinds of stories while we’re helping people understand things.”

Listen to Bragg’s entire visit on Talk Back by clicking here.

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