Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly gaining ground seemingly every day and, now, the advanced technology has recreated Slipknot's heart-wrenching ballad "Snuff" with the voice of late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington.

The explosion in AI has led to countless questions, such as what it means for working class people as IBM has forecasted that the tech will replace 7,800 jobs in the company over the next five years. There is also concern over how AI will impact art in visual and audio forms as we inch closer to a dystopian future where human creativity may be one giant casualty as a result of our own technological developments.

Doom and gloom aside, AI can actually be quite a lot of fun too as we're finally able to turn theoretical ideas into something more tangible, which is what we have here.

The YouTube Channel AI Remixes (@AIcovers88) has uploaded dozens of videos with vocal swaps akin to what's described above where Bennington's voice replaces Corey Taylor's on a Slipknot song. There's also a video of Bennington's voice on the Stone Sour track "Bother," again flipping Taylor for the late singer.

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Elsewhere on the channel, Kurt Cobain's voice can be heard of Alice in Chains, R.E.M. and Radiohead classics as well as a "young" James Hetfield singing on "Too Far Gone?," a track off Metallica's new album, 72 Seasons.

Listen to more AI remixes on YouTube.

So many of life's "what if?" scenarios are now within our grasp, so enjoy the videos below of Bennington's voice on the Slipknot and Stone Sour cuts.

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AI Recreates Slipknot's "Snuff" With Chester Bennington's Voice

AI Recreates Stone Sour's "Bother" With Chester Bennington's Voice

Just a couple of weeks ago, AI was even used to create new Oasis music as the world holds its breath on a band reunion that doesn't feel like it is ever going to happen. It drew a response from Liam Gallagher, who heard a bit of the music and said "it's better than all the other snizzle out there" and that he's "mad as fuck" that he sounds "mega."

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