Can you believe these bands all broke up in 2023?

Of course, they all had their reasons for doing so.

Whatever their reasons, we've had a yearful of bands reaching an endpoint. Do you remember any particular band you like that split for good in 2023? Perhaps there are some band breakups you forgot as 2023 progressed. Well, we are here to remind you.

Start reading the list near the bottom of this post.

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What Bands Broke Up in 2023?

But breaking up is a hard thing to do. And some bands need to end things on a timetable all their own. So, as honorable mentions, we've also included the bands that announced or alluded to their breakup in 2023 but haven't put the final nail in the coffin yet.

See that down under the list of bands who legitimately called it a day this year.

Bands That Broke Up in 2023

These are the rock and metal bands that broke up in 2023.

Gallery Credit: Philip Trapp

Honorable Mentions: Bands That Announced or Alluded to Their Breakup in 2023

Here are rock and metal bands that are eyeing a breakup, which they either announced or alluded to in 2023. However, they haven't effectively reached the end just yet.

Gallery Credit: Philip Trapp

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