The band dynamic is a fascinating thing. Sometimes acts are able to change band members and not miss a step. Other times, the loss of one band member can forever alter how the band's works or presented or are viewed by the general public at large. Here we're taking a look at 10 bands that weren't the same after one of their members exited.

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The interesting things in several of these cases is that said band member that exited eventually returned to the group, righting the ship in the public eye as a result. Was it a desire for a different platform, an evolution of musical sound or just plain interpersonal strain that caused the lineup change? Each case has its own story.

So join us as we look at 10 Bands That Weren't the Same After a Band Member Left below.

10 Bands That Weren't the Same After a Band Member Left

Minus one, and it's something different.

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