David Draiman is often full of surprises, but in a new interview, the Disturbed frontman praised pop music and cited the artists within the pop genre that he has the most respect for.

During a conversation with Philadelphia's WMMR radio station, the vocalist explained that he doesn't see Disturbed as fitting in a genre, especially because the definitions of genres and subgenres seem to have changed overtime. However, they've covered artists from a variety of genres throughout their career, and the singer said that lyrical content is the largest determining factor in what they choose to cover.

"If it's a song about rainbows and puppy dogs, it probably won't really adapt well as a Disturbed song," Draiman said.

But what about a Taylor Swift song?

"I would love to cover a Taylor Swift song, I think that she is one of the most prolific songwriters of our generation," he praised after the pop star was mentioned. "I think she's insanely talented. I'd love to collaborate with Taylor, if she ever wanted to on any given day."

The frontman added that he loves that Swift plays the guitar onstage and actually sings live, and there are a couple of other pop artists he appreciates because they do the same, including Pink and Lady Gaga.

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"A lot of these people are just so gifted and so great at what they do. And [Swift] is certainly way, way up there," he continued. "I have nothing but the utmost respect for her."

Check out the full interview here.

Regardless of your stance on pop music or Swift, she is currently the biggest musician on the planet. Her massive Eras tour has been beneficial to some local economies, according to Newsweek, with the Federal Reserve even confirming that her ticket sales have boosted the wealth of some U.S. cities since it kicked off earlier this year.

Disturbed's tour with Breaking Benjamin and Jinjer continues tomorrow night (Aug. 23) in Gilford, N.H. and wraps up in early September. See the rest of the upcoming dates at this location.

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