New York-based clinical psychologist and therapist Dr. Nicole Andreoli, Ph.D., has shared a clip explaining that listening to heavy metal lessens stress, promotes critical thinking and gives listeners a way to process anger, echoing research on metal music that found as much.

The doctor's informative TikTok video (@drnicole_ny) has gone viral viral after she posted her explanation as a stitch to another user's clip.

See both toward the bottom of this post.

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The first vid is from KatieLeigh37 (@ktpineapple__), who often shares anecdotes relating to metal. In her video, she marvels how she feels "total peace" when listening to metal compared to other everyday activities, such as being in public at a store.

Health Benefits of Heavy Metal

"I want to explain [why] this makes total sense," Dr. Andreoli concurs in her clip. "Listening to any type of music can be therapeutic and can allow for an emotional release. Heavy metal is no exception."

Christie Goodwin, Getty Images
Christie Goodwin, Getty Images

Dr. Andreoli continues, "Heavy metal has been found to lessen negative emotions by reducing cortisol levels, which helps to lessen stress. Research has found that people who listen to heavy metal tend to think more logically and in more complex terms than those who don't listen to heavy metal. Heavy metal has been found to help the most with focus."

Dr. Andreoli adds, "Now, lyrics in heavy metal do tend to focus on rage. But there is no research linking listening to heavy metal with a desensitization to violence. … Listening to heavy metal has been found to be a positive way to process anger safely."

Dr. Nicole Andreoli, Ph.D., - The Link Between Heavy Metal and Mental Health

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