When Keith Wallen opened up about his new song, "Headspace Holiday," on Loudwire Nights Thursday (April 11), he was honest about how important it is to him.

"I actually wrote this song with Cody [Quistad] from Wage War," Wallen told host Chuck Armstrong. "He's killing it right now with the writing and the riffs and man, he's just an awesome dude."

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Wallen said that he and Quistad had been running around in the same circles in Tennessee and so when they finally got some time together to collaborate, they jumped right in.

"We were just like, 'Let's write something that's got some guitars and just go for it, man,'" Wallen recalled. "We came up with something cool. Between the both of us, we got some riffs, a nice melodic hook and, obviously, ["Headspace Holiday" is] dealing with mental health, too — something that is extremely important nowadays."

While the topic of mental health may have been difficult to discuss in a rock song previously, over the last couple of years, it's become more and more common. "It's always been important," Wallen said, "but it's a lot more in the forefront now, as it should be."

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As Chuck thanked him for "Headspace Holiday," Wallen admitted that what he and Quistad accomplished with the song is something he really cares about.

"I think that's the point and that's my whole purpose," he said about trying to bring some positivity into the world through his songs.

"I don't really have too much of an agenda other than I want my music to be an escape from all the noise."

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