On Thursday's Loudwire Nights (May 2), host Chuck Armstrong shared an exclusive conversation with Motley Crue's John 5 and Tommy Lee and Kevin Vargas, who runs El Paso's rock radio station — and member of the Loudwire Nights family — 95.5 KLAQ.

The three caught up about what it's like having John 5 in the band and why they chose "Dogs of War" as their first offering this year.

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"We recorded three tunes, a cover that we all love and a couple others," Lee explained to Vargas.

"The whole idea and the vibe of ['Dogs of War'] was like, you know what, let's go with this one. This one definitely represents where we're at right here at this moment. Let's go with this."

John 5 added that as he's worked more and more with Nikki Sixx and Lee, he's loved seeing what happens when they get together.

"It's just like ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas. It's so cool...with 'Dogs of War,' it was definitely going to be the one, you know?"

What John 5 Brings to Motley Crue

In addition to talking about "Dogs of War," Vargas pressed John 5 about what it's like being the new guitarist in Motley Crue — and what he thinks he brings to the table for a band that's been making music for more than four decades.

"I want to pay respect to the music," John 5 admitted.

"I'm playing it just how it was recorded and written and I think that's very important to the fans. It's important to me to give that respect — this is how it was written, this is how it should sound live."

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Beyond that, John 5 was quick to say how grateful he is to not only be playing the classics live, but collaborating with the band on new music.

"Being a part of this, it's just wonderful. A wonderful match. I couldn't be happier."

What Else Did Motley Crue's Tommy Lee and John 5 Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

  • Why Tommy Lee likes Motley Crue being a sort of musical chameleon: "Sometimes we're ahead of ourselves and everybody else in what's cool or what's next. I mean, me personally, I've got my finger on the pulse of what new sounds are emerging and what we can use in Motley. I'm always forward-thinking like that."
  • What it was like making the CGI video for "Dogs of War"
  • Why Motley Crue put so many Easter eggs in the music video for "Dogs of War"

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