A new study by Betway shows which U.S. states have the "rowdiest" concert crowds, and which behaviors at live shows people find to be most annoying.

The company surveyed 2,057 Americans about which behaviors at concerts irritate them the most, and used the responses to uncover which states have the most aggressive audiences, and which have the friendliest. The states were ranked based on the average number of negative behaviors people reported experiencing at shows.

Wisconsin was ranked the state with the highest average number of rowdy behaviors, with a score of 13.1. Louisiana, Oklahoma, Massachusetts and Minnesota were the next highest, in that order.

Nebraska, on the other hand, was ranked the No. 1 state for friendly concert crowds, as they had the lowest average number of bad behaviors at each show — a mere 2.8. South Dakota, Missouri, Idaho and Utah were the next friendliest, respectively.

See both charts below for more data.

States With the Rowdiest Concert Crowds, According to Betway

U.S. States With the Rowdiest Concert Crowds

States With the Friendliest Concert Crowds, According to Betway

U.S. States With the Friendliest Concert Crowds

Betway also used their findings to determine the behaviors concertgoers find the most aggravating. Standing in front of seats and blocking the view of people behind them was ranked the most annoying, and 86 percent of the participants said they'd experienced it before.

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Other annoying acts reported at shows were people pushing and shoving to get to the front of the venue, holding a sign up, sitting on someone's shoulders and being overly intoxicated.

See another chart below for the other five irritating concert behaviors.

Most Annoying Concert Behaviors, According to Betway

Most Annoying Concert Behaviors

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