Have you ever traveled to see one of your favorite bands perform? A study by Price4Limo has revealed which bands rock and metal fans travel the furthest to see live, as well as the methods of travel they're willing to take to get to the show.

To conduct the study, Price4Limo surveyed 1,000 music fans about how far they've traveled for concerts, as well as how much money they spent to go. They then determined the average number of hours the concertgoers spent traveling by car, plane and train. For fans traveling by plane, the study accounted for an extra three hours spent in the airport, and they used average speeds of 45mph for cars and 90mph for trains.

The results showed that metal fans are willing to travel the greatest distance for Slayer, with an average of 153 miles. Megadeth fans were close behind, traveling an average distance of 151 miles, and Slipknot came in third at 135 miles. As for rock fans, Pink Floyd are the band that people are willing to go the longest distance for at 134 miles, then Nirvana at 133 miles and Fleetwood Mac at 132 miles.

The data is especially compelling as the majority of these groups are no longer active. Slayer retired in 2019, Roger Waters and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd no longer perform together, Nirvana haven't even been a band since Kurt Cobain's death in 1994 and Fleetwood Mac haven't played as a group since 2019. Thus, Megadeth and Slipknot are the only aforementioned artists that are still regularly touring.

Despite the lengths rock and metal fans are willing to travel to see those particular acts, the study's findings show that rock and metal fans are less willing to travel to a different city for a concert than fans of many other genres. Though indie rock fans make up the second-highest percentage of concertgoers who travel for shows, alternative fans came in at No. 7, rock fans came in at No. 10 and metal fans at No. 16.

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As far as the average distance metal fans are willing to travel for a show in general, 90 percent go by car, eight percent by plane and one percent by train, and spent an average of four hours, seven hours and zero hours doing so, respectively, whereas 88 percent of rock fans go by car, nine percent by plane and three percent by train. Rock concertgoers spend an average of four hours in the car getting to a show, six hours on a plane and one hour on a train.

New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas were the Top 3 cities people reported traveling to the most for concerts, based on the results.

See some tables from the study below, and read the full report here.

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