Here's the most underrated album by 10 big prog metal bands.

Progressive metal fans pride themselves on having distinguished tastes, which means that they can be highly critical when discussing and grading their favorite artists’ discographies.

If a record strays too far from the formula, it’s arguably committed a cardinal sin; conversely, if it delivers exactly what’s expected and what’s worked before, it’s arguably uninteresting and complacent.

Obviously, the biggest bands are the most heavily scrutinized, too.

Unfortunately, that leads to at least one album in every prog metal group’s catalog being considerably underrated by critics and/or fans. (To be fair, just as many albums are overrated, right?)

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Just look at the 10 LPs on this list, as each of them is too easily dismissed – or outright hated – by a lot of people.

Not all of them are masterpieces, of course; in fact, some are among the group’s weakest collections (which, if it’s an early release, is a good thing since it means that the band consistently improved afterward).

Nevertheless, they should receive more praise than they typically do.

The Most Underrated Album by 10 Big Prog Metal Bands

These albums definitely deserve more love from more fans.

Gallery Credit: Jordan Blum

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Gallery Credit: Jordan Blum

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