John Lydon has led a storied career as one of the true innovators and unique characters in the music scene, fronting both Sex Pistols and Public Image LTD. Now Lydon is ready to reflect on the songs that captured the minds and imaginations of listeners with his upcoming book, Mr. Rotten's Songbook.

This 300-page book is a mixture of the singer's handwritten and annotated lyric sheets to every song he's ever penned along with some of his never before seen artwork. And Lydon is making it a limited edition, with only 1,000 copies printed, so this will be a true collector's item.

Each book is signed by Lydon and individually numbered. It comes with a unique front and backboards and is housed in a beautiful clamshell box. Lydon himself created the original cover and hand drawn artwork in the book. As you thumb through the pages, you'll see that every one of John's albums features a personal blurb, giving the reader insight into the meaning behind some of his words. The book also features a hand-produced, luxury red bookmark ribbon plus a gilded edge effect on each page, giving it a truly unique finish. Lydon reportedly spent six months compiling the forty years of songwriting and adding his personal art to the book, which will be available on March 31.

When asked what he would like people to take away from the book, he stated, "Well, if it's in the library, please don't take it away without returning it. I've been in the public spotlight since the '70s, that's a lot of pressure, but I've been able to cope with it and still maintain some kind of integrity. That's what I'm trying to get across here. You may be very confused, but as I say it's all little pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that I've haven't been able to put together myself, yet. But then again I don't know anyone who has walked into my life at any point absolutely picture-perfect. So I'm on the same trial as everybody else but I, at least, have found a way of expressing it."

As stated, Mr. Rotten's Songbook will be available on March 31, and you can order it in either standard or premium packages. The premium package not only comes with the standard's hand signed and numbered copy and with a certificate, but Lydon will also personalize the book with a handwritten thank you message. Plus those who order the premium package will be entered to win a five minute Skype call with Lydon. And there is exclusive access to the pre-sale of tickets for the book's launch party. Get your ordering details for Mr. Rotten's Songbook here and watch Lydon's teaser for the book in the video above.

John Lydon, Mr. Rotten's Songbook


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