Did you know that today is National Heat Awareness Day? But what's it all about?

Various measures are to be taken to cope up with the rising temperature and humidity since the heat waves costs more lives in the United States in recent decades. The deadliest out of all is in 2003, August in which the heat waves claimed more than 50000 lives in Europe and termed as the deadliest heat wave in European History.

Every year in the United States, people suffer from heat-induced illness especially senior adults and children eventually resulting in considerable life losses. High demand for awareness is required to overcome the prevailing Situation. Therefore, this day was created in order to spread awareness to overcome the High-Temperature related issues. This day is also observed to encourage the consumption of water to avoid heat-related illness.

I know we haven't experienced hot weather yet, but you can rest assured it is coming soon. In fact, this weekend is calling for some very SUMMER-ish temperatures. If this summer is anywhere close to what it was last summer, then I am rushing out to buy a new Chevy Equinox. According to the following video, it has a cool new feature that will guarantee you won't suffer once the temperatures rise.

Granted this is probably a soon to be factory recall, it is pretty badass.

Snowing in your car!!!! Now that is a damn good AC unit. I would hate to see what happens when you crank the heat.