FIRST: If you CLICKED thinking this was REAL....APRIL FOOLS!!!!

SECOND: Can someone reach out to Kettlehouse and make this a REAL beer?

If you haven't broken down and finally decided to see what everyone is talking about, "Tiger King" on Netflix is the CRAZIEST docu-series you have ever seen. And if you think the show is wild, the Memes, GIFs and videos that have flooded the internet are pure gold.

Now, the creators of Bongwater and Coldsmoke are jumping on the "Joe Exotic" TIGER TRAIN, and releasing a new breed of beer at Kettlehouse.

According to the Kettlehouse Facebook:

Kettlehouse Brewing/Facebook
Kettlehouse Brewing/Facebook

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! We’re springing into the new season with the release of Exotic: Zootown Wild Ale sitting at 1000% ABV. The first of its kind, this beer is only available through online streaming. 🐅 👑 🍺 #aprilfools #netflix #tigerking

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