Kevin Costner has been a major movie star since the '80s, but in recent years, he's definitely grown a little more attached to Montana thanks to his starring role in the hit TV series Yellowstone - which is gearing up to shoot season 5 in the area and is currently seeking local extras.

But Costner's just as well-known for his work behind the camera, too. His smash hit Dances With Wolves won seven Oscars in 1990, including Best Picture and Best Director for Costner. He's been active as a producer in the years since (including work as an EP on Yellowstone), but he's only directed two other movies: 1997's The Postman and 2003's Open Range.

But now, Kevin Costner is getting ready to direct a fourth film...

Kevin Costner Will Film His Passion Project Later This Year

Later this summer, filming will commence on Horizon, a western that Kevin Costner has been trying to make for years which "chronicles the 15-year span of pre-and-post Civil War expansion and settlement of the American west," according to Deadline. And though Costner plans to film the project in Utah, his close ties to the Montana film industry make this one a project to pay attention to.

The Montana Film Office recently posted a casting notice for the film on their Facebook page for Native American boys, ages 9 through 14.

It's an online casting call, so as long as you apply from anywhere in the country before May 23 and meet the qualifications, you'll be good to go.

It'll be interesting to see how Costner filming this movie will impact filming on the upcoming season of Yellowstone. The show is set to film in Missoula, Hamilton, Darby, and the surrounding areas through the end of the year, and Horizon starts filming at the end of August. It could be the show will be filming most of Costner's scenes first to accommodate his schedule, so I'm betting there will be more than a few Kevin Costner sightings in Missoula over the next couple of months.

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