Perhaps the only mystery in the NBA bigger than how to beat the Warriors is figuring out what Kevin Durant whispered to Steph Curry to cause him to laugh so giddily.

After Golden State polished off Cleveland to win the NBA title in five games, Durant -- who was named Finals MVP -- was caught on camera saying something in Curry's ear. Good thing Curry wasn't drinking milk because it would've come right out of his nose.

Yeah, not since Bill Murray's whisper at the end of Lost in Translation have people been so desperate to know what someone said.

The Internet was at a loss over what aspiring comedian Durant's words of hilarity must have been. Now that the offseason is here, maybe he ought to go to an open mic and test his material, as long as he doesn't venture out to Cleveland or Oklahoma City. Those audiences are going to be hostile.

Any guesses out there? We're guessing it's something along the lines of, "We don't have to fly back to Cleveland!" Like the end of

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