It's been a few years since Kid Rock released his last album, Sweet Southern Sugar, but it looks as though a new record is in the works. During Detroit radio station WRIF's 50th Anniversary feature checking in with multiple musicians, Rock offered an update on his next album.

Rock says (at around the 34 minute mark in the player below), "This Covid thing has been crazy for everybody. And my heart goes out to everybody who's been affected by it, especially people who've lost people. But it's kind of afforded me… I haven't had this feeling since my first big record, Devil Without a Cause, where I've had this much time to sit around and re-write, zero in, replay — just meticulously go song to song to song."

He continued, "I've got 18 that I'm in love with now, and four more that I wanna record. And I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do with them. But thank God I've got my studio. That's been my saving grace through this thing."

No timeline for the new album's release was revealed, but Rock sounds well into the record at this point.

Though Sweet Southern Sugar was Rock's last studio album in 2017, he did release a greatest hits collection the following year and he issued an '80s electro song "Quarantine" under the pseudonym DJ Bobby Shazam last year.

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