Are you ready? Because here it is — "What It Is," the first single off Jonathan Davis' solo album.

The chilling voice of Korn has been working on this record since 2008 and now fans finally have an understanding of how his music will distance itself from the groundbreaking band he's fronted since their formation in 1993. Korn are noted for their amalgamation of different styles and this song takes a similar approach, incorporating some new sounds and others that are a bit familiar.

A morose piano melody drives the verse alongside swirling orchestration that spikes in energy over the chorus, becoming an industrialized symphony of sorts. Davis' voice retains its distinct characteristics and, lyrically, "What It Is" finds the singer emotionally embattled. This mental anguish is reflected in the music video where Davis is confined to a cell, later strapped to a chair and stripped of his senses and beaten by guards, left lying on the floor.

"What it is, what it is / You don't know how to live with what it is / What it is, what it is / It may seem impossible / but I will embrace who I really am / If it's a son of a bitch or a terrified kid / That's what it is," Davis sings, revealing some seemingly personal inner conflicts.

As of yet, there are still no other details concerning the album, but the single is also part of the American Satan soundtrack. Davis composed the score for the film, which stars Black Veil Brides' Andy Biersack and Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce.

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