The annual KYSS-mas for Kids auction is going on right now on our sister station 94.9 KYSS-FM.

You know damn well we'd never ask you to actually listen in (I just tried.  Wanted to see what the total raised was so far, and some guy was singing "I'm an international harvester!!" and I was like, yeah, I'm out.)  BUT, you can still help, and get some Christmas shopping done online at

For those not familiar, KYSS-mas For Kids is an annual auction on 94.9 with local favs Craig & Al and Denny Bedard, and really our entire on air and sales staff.   Thanks to our generous clients and listeners who donate items, we are able to do a one day auction to raise money to take local kids Christmas shopping.  Last year KYSS raised around $25,000 and we were able to take about 50 local kids shopping.  Judging by how many local business owners were calling this morning to donate $500 a pop, we should do well again this year.

These are children currently staying at Watson Children's Shelter, kids enrolled in Head Start, little ones from local shelters for abused women and many more non-profits all over Western Montana.  What happens is we give each of these kids 50 bucks (sometimes less on rough years but our goal is 50 each) and let 'em loose to buy whatever they want.  This goes down at a secret location when the store is closed to ensure privacy and to protect families.

I have had the great privilege to volunteer at this event several times over the past decade and it's a mind blower.  I can't even describe the emotion and awesomeness that goes on during the shopping event.  The kids are very much encouraged to buy fun things that they want for themselves, but time and time again the kids will use their gift cards to buy things for their parents, siblings and other family members.  Things like shampoo, warm clothes & bath towels.  One time I was helping a child add up his stuff and I said hey man I don't think these socks are going to fit you and he said they were for his mother who didn't have any to wear under her boots.  It's amazing moments like this that continue to drive the KYSS staff and all of our generous listeners, contributors and clients to continue to do this fund raiser each year.

Plus it's FUN!  For one day, our building is full of outstanding volunteers who make it possible for us to pull of such an insanely busy and intense day at the station.  Al sang. Craig sang.  We auctioned off a "bag of naked Vikings"...good times.

There's still time to get in on some great deals and some killer possible Christmas gifts like certificates to a ton of local businesses and restaurants, wreaths, framed art, car services, massage & salon services, wine and even a pig roast.  The auction doesn't end until 7pm tonight.

Full details, including the email address and phone numbers to call in your bids and full list of auction items is here.

I wish I had the words to express my personal thanks to everyone, but I will leave it at a THANK YOU to the cash contributors, the listeners, the local people and businesses who donated auction items & services, the volunteers who answered phones & pitched in all day, Craig, Al, Denny & the KYSS staff and our entire staff here at Townsquare.  And THANK YOU in advance for your help and contribution.  Merry Christmas!

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