We've been sharing facts about homelessness in Missoula by bringing you questions that you can answer to win some awesome local prizes, our Pov Pumpkin Puzzles. The answers can be found at any of the locations where you can buy Pumpkins for the Pov and on the tags of the pumpkins we deliver. Our last delivery is tomorrow, so this is your last chance to enter to win prizes! Just text your answers to us by using the "Message Us" feature on your station apps.
Last weeks question and answer:
Compared to the general public, how many years short is the life expectancy of an individual who experiences homelessness?
Answer: 20-30 years. People experiencing homelessness are susceptible to the same medical issues as people who are not, but their living conditions tend to make treating and coping with issues much more difficult. Making and keeping doctors' appointments is hard if you don't have a phone or if your ID was lost or stolen. You have nowhere to rest, no safe and secure place to store your medication.

Hint: you can still submit this answer for a chance to win!

This weeks question:
What are the main causes of homelessness in Missoula?

Prizes include a $250 gift card courtesy of the wonderful, supportive staff at Blackfoot Communications; $25 Bernice's gift cards; bags of Hunter Bay Coffee beans; Alt 101.5, 96.3 The Blaze & 94.9 KYSS FM t-shirts.
According to Jesse Jager, the Director of Development & Advocacy at the Poverello Center, 2000 pumpkins have been sold so far, meaning $20,000 has been raised to support the Pov's mission! Pumpkins are $10 for any size and 100% of proceeds go to support the Poverello Center's mission to provide food, shelter, help, and hope to all who ask. To give you an idea of what your contribution means, purchasing 2 pumpkins can provide 3 healthy meals and a safe place to sleep.
You can still get pumpkins at these locations:
    • Good Food Store
    • Rattlesnake Market
    • The Trough
    • YMCA Missoula
    • Imagine Nation Brewery

Thank you for being awesome and be sure to submit your Pov Pumpkin Puzzle answers for a chance to win prizes!

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