I normally don't pay much attention to Twitter feuds between celebrities, famous people, or politicians. It's not that I don't care... wait, actually it is. Life is busy and I usually give these witty word-battles on social media about two seconds of my time. However, the "feud" that popped up this week between Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis and Montana Representative Matt Rosendale is pretty awesome. It started when Western Caucus shared a Tweet celebrating National Parks Day.

That seems fairly innocent, right? Not so fast! Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis got out her red pen and "fixed" the post with what she feels is more accurate: Yellowstone Park belongs to Wyoming.

Ouch! Now, before we get too defensive, she raises a valid point. Wyoming has 96% of Yellowstone National Park, leaving just 3% to Montana. Idaho lands a measly 1% of the nation's first National Park. Rosendale responded to the Wyoming Senators Tweet with a reminder they film the TV series Yellowstone in Montana. Perhaps not the strongest comeback, but it's something.

I'm fairly sure their "fued" is in jest. They're both Republicans and likely to agree on many issues that affect the West. Montana Senator Steve Daines (R) chimed in to defend The Last Best Place.

Senator Lummis appears to agree to a meeting with Daines, adding that she already has an outfit picked out.

As much as Montanan's like to claim Yellowstone Park as "ours", it's tough to argue Wyoming's claim to the park.  A co-worker brought up one good point... Wyoming has most of the land area, but Montana lays claim to three awesome entrances (Gardiner, West Yellowstone and Cooke City). Either way, take that spring trip to Yellowstone before the tourists get here. It's about to get crazy again.

H/T Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

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