Sorting through Lemmy's 30 Most Historic Moments, you find plenty of musical highlights – but just as many times when he broke the mold all over again far from the lighted stage.

As Motorhead's gnarly voiced, machine-gun bassist, he led a group that remained steadfast through decades of change. While his contemporaries tried everything in the book to sound of-the-moment, Lemmy stayed true to his initial, throwback aesthetic. He co-founded Motorhead as power trio blending punk's attitude with metal's power, and they remained just that through to Lemmy's December 2015 passing.

Still, as you'll see while clicking through the following list, his broader life story didn't boast the same remarkable constancy. Lemmy started out not as a pulverizing bassist, but as a rhythm guitar player. He initially found fame not by way of fierce proto-thrash, but in a space-rock band.

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He also moved with remarkable success outside the framework of the band that made the former Ian Fraser Kilmister famous, one of the most difficult things for any musical giant to accomplish. Along the way, Lemmy followed his restless muse into acting, the world of wrestling, video games and music collaborations with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica and Dave Grohl, among others.

There were some controversies, and a few notable lineup changes. But Motorhead continued to run on the sheer force of Lemmy's will, releasing more than 20 studio albums. Take a look back at that powerful legacy as we present the following list of of Lemmy's 30 Most Historic Moments.

30 Historic Moments From Lemmy's Life

A look at the late Motorhead frontman over the years.

Gallery Credit: Nick DeRiso

Remembering Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister

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