Late Motorhead icon Lemmy Kilmister was originally expected to take part in Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme's latest "Desert Sessions," the two-volume Desert Sessions Vols. 11 & 12, out Friday (Oct. 25).

That's what's revealed in a new interview highlighting the symbiotic atmosphere underpinning Homme's revived collaborative album series, which returns this week with the dual-pronged Arrivederci Despair (Vol. 11) and Tightwads & Nitwits & Critics & Heels (Vol. 12) following a 16-year hiatus. As originally envisioned by Homme, Kilmister was set to team up with ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons on a "Desert Sessions" track. Unfortunately, scheduling issues ultimately prevented the partnership of rock and roll all-stars.

"I really need to push harder when I feel something really strongly," Homme told the Los Angeles Times of the missed opportunity to get the Motorhead founder together with Gibbons. "This is an opportunity to play Cupid [between musicians] and to watch and sonically capture that love affair."

But that doesn't mean Desert Sessions Vols. 11 & 12 won't have its fair share of star power. As it is, the set includes contributions from PrimusLes Claypool, Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa, Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears and many other rock artists, in addition to the renowned ZZ Top guitarist.

Before Kilmister's 2015 death, both he and and Gibbons had agreed to be a part of the series. However, Homme's work on Iggy Pop's 2016 album Post Pop Depression delayed the pair's recording session.

When the Motorhead frontman died, Homme delivered a fitting eulogy for the musician on Queens of the Stone Age's Instagram. In it, he remembered Kilmister as a hardy and pragmatic bandleader.

"Actually, I'm pissed off Lem is dead," Homme wrote at the time (see the full message below). "This sucks. One of the last REAL rock n roll motherfuckers has crossed over & I miss him. He was true to himself without question. He knew, there was no other pathway. A no bullshit, one of a kind, sharp tongued, hard livin', un-PC, stylish, hilarious & flat out genuine badass leader. He didn't give a fuck about yer peanut gallery, your anonymous opinion in the comment section or your fragile fucking sensibilities. Yet, he was always a caring & fascinating, kind & honest, gracious & a wise, intelligent & valuable friend."

Earlier this year, it was reported that Gibbons was participating in recording sessions for Queens of the Stone Age's next album. That record promises a return of Nirvana and Foo Fighters figurehead Dave Grohl. Grohl played drums on QOTSA's 2002 effort Songs for the Deaf.

Gibbons also has prior history with Homme's main act. Nearly fifteen years ago, the ZZ Top musician contributed guitar and backing vocals to Queens of the Stone Age's Lullabies to Paralyze cut "Burn the Witch."

Desert Sessions Vols. 11 & 12 exclusive pre-order bundles are available now, including vinyl and T-shirt packages at the Queens of the Stone Age official store. Get more information here.

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