Montana's Fort Peck Reservoir is a massive body of water known for a tremendous variety of fish species, many or which reach impressive size.

While reports for Chinook salmon fishing that we've received have been somewhat spotty in August, one angler definitely went quality, if maybe not quantity, while chasing salmon yesterday (August 16). In fact, it is likely that Montana is looking at a new state record.

We'll know once everything is verified, but it sounds pretty legit. Greg Hague from Bismarck, North Dakota, landed a Chinook salmon in Fort Peck, tipping the scale at 32.15 pounds. It was weighed at Fort Peck Marina and on a certified scale at the Lake Ridge Lodging and Bait Shop. The current state record has stood since 1991 and was caught by Carl Niles, also in Fort Peck, and weighed 31.13 pounds. A woman from Utah, honeymooning with a Fort Peck fishing trip a few weeks ago, came close with a salmon that exceeded 30 pounds.

Speaking of some impressive fishing on Fort Peck, turning to walleye, congratulations to the winners of the Crooked Creek Walleye Classic. Look at these weights that finished in the Top 5 over the two-day tourney:

Colby and Cierra Loudon -97.03

Zek Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 88.71

Andy Rose, Sam Rose – 85.54

Gage Gordon, Ben Wilcox – 84.64

Shane Fuchs, Jon Stoller – 83.64

Andy Rose and Sam Rose caught the largest 1-day total of just over 52 pounds caught on the second day of the tournament. Scott Swanson and Stuart Law caught the largest walleye that was 34 1/4 inches long and weighed 16.55 pounds.The combined teams caught and released 56 fish that were over 30 inches in length over the two days.

Good fishing everyone. With this latest blast of August heat, you might want to consider going deep.


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