In the late '80s, thrash stalwarts Anthrax wrote "Caught in a Mosh" about one of the band's techs who got sucked into the mosh pit during a show and didn't re-emerge for a while. Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland can relate.

While the band was playing "Break Stuff" at a recent headline show at the Self Help Festival in Sterling Heights, Mich., Borland stepped off the stage and got lost in the pit. For a minute, vocalist Fred Durst seemed genuinely concerned as Borland surfed above the crowd, then suddenly disappeared from view.

"Oh, shit! What are we gonna do now?" he asked while the band vamped. "Everybody keep your eyes on Wes Borland. Oh, shit."

At first, it seemed like it might be a stage stunt, but the more time passed, the more it became apparent that Borland was probably scrambling to escape the throngs. "There's nothing I can do about it!" exclaimed Durst. "Aw shit. Wes, can you hear me? Is he giving me a signal? Everybody get down... I can't see Wes. Turn the lights on, man! I gotta see. You guys please, please be careful, all right. Bring it down, bring it down. Okay, I see him now."

Having located Borland, Durst took the opportunity to ad-lib about politics, which seemed timely considering the dangerous partisanship that dominates the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Basically, for the last week at least, it's been "all about the he said, she said bullshit."

"I'm thinking about the fucked up world we live in right now," Durst began, but though his heart was in the right place, the words flowing from his mouth made as little sense as some of Trump's tweets. "I'm thinking about how fucked up all this shit is, and it's up to us to make it better, okay? We gotta make shit better!" Durst said.

Exactly how we're supposed to "make shit better," he didn't explain -- maybe by breaking stuff? At the very least, Limp Bizkit can now add a cover of "Caught in a Mosh" to their set list. Watch fan-shot footage of the incident above and below.

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