As if Montana needed any more problems, now there is a new scam making its way through Big Sky Country.

If you've ever listened to the Rockstar Radio Show, you know I love messing with telemarketers and scammers. Remember Pete's Panda Meat? Now while this is usually just a fun bit for radio, I also do these pranks to help out the next person. If I can keep them on the phone for a good 15 minutes, that's time they can't use to scam or hassle the next person.

Today, I got a different kind of call. This one sounded very professional and believable. I received a call from an unknown number. We all get them. It could be a robocall or a telemarketer. Once I answered the pre-recorded message claimed that my power was going to be disconnected in the next 30 minutes for "lack of payment". I'm a terrible adult and my first thought was "Oh man. Have I not paid my power bill"? I chose the option to speak with a representative who claimed her name was "Mary", and right away she asked for my name and address.

That was clue #1 that this was a scam to get my credit card information.

I politely told "Mary" that they called ME and should have my account information. Of course, she didn't and started backtracking and making excuses. Before too long she hung up. That was clue #2.

After the call, a quick Google search of the number pulled up many sites that had reported the number as a scam. I highly suggest doing this anytime you get a call asking for any money at all. Even if it's a 406 number you don't recognize, these scammers are getting smart and will use any opportunity to make you believe their request is legit.

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