When was the last time you had really loud live music in your ears? For most of us, it's been since February 23rd, when Korn rocked the Adams Center. At the time, little did we know that would be our last live music experience for a while. Remember in, like, mid-April when it felt like we would never ever hear live music again? Stupid COVID.

Check this out though. Live metal is booked for July 18th of 2020. For real, we're talking like next month! I know, we had to do a double take too. It's everything we've been dreaming of, a warm Saturday evening at the patio bar at the Dark Horse.

Your bands are A Balance of Power, from Salt Lake City, along with Missoula's Blessiddoom and Devilution. There's no tellin' how many shows will actually happen this year, so you better get in on the action while you can. The cherry on top is that it's FREE admission.

80s Missoula Concert Ticket Stubs

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