Whether you're looking to kick back by the pool with friends, or throw a kids summer birthday party, it's tough to find outdoor swimming in Missoula without jumping the fence and "borrowing" the pool at a local apartment complex. And you've got hotel pools, the one at comes to mind is the Still Room (The Broadway), they've got a great outdoor pool where you can order food and drinks. But you still can't throw a full on private party there.

A local resident is renting out their pool this summer for $40 an hour, affordable, right!? It's a chlorine pool with a 10 person maximum and rates don't change from weekdays to weekends. Children and infants are allowed, there's a restroom on site, and chairs and lunch tables. Plus, the pool is heated, has a diving board, large shallow area, and night lighting. The pool is heated and you are invited to utilize the pool toys, grill, and badminton and cornhole games. It's like a friend is doing you a solid and letting you throw a party in their awesome backyard!

It looks like there are lots of open dates for August, you can learn more and book here. I don't know the host personally, I just ran into the info on the Swimply website and thought you might dig it, I think we might rent it for an afternoon of fun.

If you're looking for a local swimming hole, here's that handy map we told you about earlier this summer. Happy swimming, be safe!

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