The media tends to focus on the "growing epidemics" like gun violence or police brutality. When statistically those "epidemics" are rather small numbers compared to even more deadly crimes taking place in our own communities. Child endangerment cases have seemed to be growing as of lately. Why? Is it because of the pandemic and parents forced to homeschool kids? Is it a substance abuse problem? Is it our own legislation failing to do what is right? Well, it is probably a combination of a lot of different things. But, it needs to STOP.

According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, in an interview with Newstalk KGVO

“We charged three new endangerment crimes,” Pabst said. “One of those was child criminal endangerment and criminal endangerment. In that case, a mid-morning caller reported a vehicle was swerving all over the road on U.S. Highway 93. Troopers found the vehicle and there was a very young woman driving who said her mom and dad had ingested some drugs and one started to fall asleep while driving. The girl made them pull over and switch drivers. Good for her.”

Now, we have news of another criminal child endangerment charge involving a mother driving under the influence. Just weeks after a tragic accident, involving an impaired driver, claimed the life of a 10 year old boy. The driver of that vehicle was nearly 3 times over the legal limit, and lost her son due to her negligence. #ipromisebb

This new case involves a mother driving erratically while attempting to drop her kids off at school.

According to the Ravalli Republic

Cori Lee Hembrook, 40, appeared Monday in Ravalli County Justice Court on two felony counts of criminal child endangerment, felony criminal endangerment and misdemeanor counts of driving while under the influence and unlawful possession of an open alcoholic beverage container.

The woman allegedly was driving all over the road. Swerving in and out of oncoming lanes and driving erratically. 911 calls started pouring in from concerned citizens around 9am and it wasn't until after noon when a trooper finally spotted the vehicle. After the vehicle crossed in to oncoming traffic yet again, the trooper pulled over a Toyota 4 Runner. The drivers BAC was .210. Nearly 3 times the legal limit. Thankfully none of her children were hurt or killed, like in the accident this past February.


Read full report from Ravalli Republic here

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