Did you overspend once again this holiday season and now you find yourself struggling to pay all your bills? Maybe these seasonal jobs can help.

Most of us do it almost every year. You try your best to stick to a budget, but with increasing prices on so many things in Montana, it's hard to get all your gift shopping done and still pay rent during the holidays. Good thing I've found some seasonal jobs that can help ease the stress. Have a look.

Get paid to have the Flu:

Yes, you read that right. We are definitely in the cold and flu season. How do I know? Because K.C. and I here at the station have both had it already. We had no idea that the whole time we could have participated in a medical study that could have earned us some extra cash during our miserable, bedridden, week. You can get registered online HERE.  (Disclaimer: Do so at your own risk. This is just an informative article telling you about the option)

Snow Removal:

Tons of property managers all over Missoula seem to be struggling to find snow removal workers during the winter months. Most of them have to be available at all hours, and have their own equipment, while some provide plow trucks, shovels, etc. Check out this job listing for Missoula HERE.


If you are good with people and fairly flexible with your schedule there is no shortage of opportunities to work in retail. Take your pick to apply. A quick search on Indeed shows open positions locally at The Soughhgate Mall, Lowes, UPS, Petsmart, Men's Wharehouse, and more.


Ski Bum: 

Talk about the ultimate winter job. Getting paid to hit the slopes every day! It definitely helps if you are good with kids, and have a lot of patience, I've had many friends that worked as ski instructors and they all said it was the best job they've ever had. Good news too. Snow Bowl is hiring. Apply here.



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