Missoulians are well aware of the Zimorino family. The man, the myth, the legend, Bob Zimorino, has been cooking up his family's "old world Italian" cuisine in Missoula for decades. And all of his recipes have a story. Which usually start with "my grandma once told me...."

What is even better, is that Bob knows food inside and out. Think of him as the Alton Brown of Missoula.

Bob has his very own food blog, and teaches us all how to make some of his classic Italian recipes. As well as schools us on the origin of the dish. For example, in his recent blog about Lasagna, Bob shares some fun facts you may not have known about the popular dish.

Lasagna (singular) Lasagne (plural) –Lasagna been around since the middle ages and is believed to come out of Naples, although in the 1400’s Rome had a similar dish called Lasanum. Lasagna is an Italian word that means cooking pot, in reference to what the dish is normally cooked in. Interestingly enough, There were no tomato sauces at that time because until Columbus brought tomatoes back to Europe they were unheard of. Northern Italians developed Lasagna further because of their access to cheeses and other dairy products.

Now, it is true that every home cook has successfully made Lasagna before. Bob shares with us some methods and his favorite choices for ingredients to turn it into a extraordinary Italian meal.

Follow Bobby Z's step by step directions, in the following photo journal

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