Some people encounter love for just a few brief moments, while others experience love for decades. Charles Evans embraced love for 60 years and he is still very much in love with his wife, who has unfortunately passed on. Charles is so in love that he has built a museum dedicated to the love of his life!

Charles met his wife-to-be way back in 1949 and he says that looking at her was like an "electrical shock." When Louise passed away in 2011, Charles wanted to find a very unique way to pay tribute to his lost love. Charles built the shrine in his backyard, which includes wall to wall pictures of their favorite moments and even the shoe-polishing station where he first met his soulmate! Charles says that not many people show up, but he doesn't mind because he likes to just spend time with all of the memories.

Since his story has aired, 250 people, some from as far away as India, have stopped by to take a look at the museum of love and some have even danced with Charles!

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