On Wednesday, March 21, Missoula Police arrested 56-year-old Troy Ford after being called to a home on Kennett Avenue around 12:40 pm.

"The female there reported that she had been attacked with a bat by another male," said police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "When officers arrived they learned that she had an injury to her right wrist and also an abrasion on her cheek. According to the female complainant, the assailant had tried to strike her on or about the head and, at some point during the assault ,Mr. Ford actually bit the victim on the thumb."

Ford also had a wound to the back of his head, reportedly caused by the woman trying to defend herself. Sadly, the whole incident appears to have happened because of some derogatory statements… made to a dog.

"Apparently, it began as a misunderstanding when the male thought that the female was making a disparaging remark to him, when she was actually talking to a pet in the residence," Welsh said. "Despite her efforts, according to the reports, he continued to assault her anyway."

The woman was taken to the hospital after police arrived due to the fractured wrist. Ford was taken to jail and charged with felony assault with a weapon.

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