It's Halloween in Missoula. To the little Ghouls and Goblins that means one thing. Candy! Let's see if we can fill up those pillowcases by using this handy map of the best candy neighborhoods in Missoula.

I wish something like this came along when I was a kid. A handy map with specific areas and neighborhoods lined out for the best candy. You only have a few hours of trick or treating, so you have to make every minute count. I went to Facebook and crowdsourced suggestions from our Missoula locals, and they came through as always.

Here are the top neighborhoods and areas (by suggestions) to trick or treat to score big this year.

Best Missoula Neighborhoods For Halloween Candy

The Top Suggested Neighborhoods For The Best Halloween Candy

1. Behind Home Depot:  This area has blown up the last few years. If you haven't been back there for awhile, it's literally like another town. I have a friend that lived there a few years ago, and he highly suggests this area.

2. Mansion Heights: This is a given. Anywhere with "Mansion" in the title is a pretty safe bet for a good score. Remember, though, if everyone knows about it, you could have big competition.

3. The Rattlesnake: This is a good go to, and you might have some decent luck for sure.

4. Pleasant View: This is pretty close to the area behind Home Depot. If you live in this area, this could be a real easy and quick Halloween score. You might also find some full sized bars, or at least the really good minis.

5. South Hills: You know this is a Halloween must. My suggestion is the higher up the hilll you go, the better the score. Those houses at the top are not cheap, and hopefully either is their candy.

6. The Slant Streets: This might be a sleeper neighbrood. This was suggested a few times via Facebook. If you live in the area, it definitely might be worth your time, kids.

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