Conan's "Clueless Gamer" bit is one of the best things about the show and it did not disappoint last night when Marshawn Lynch and Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski showed up to play 'Mortal Kombat X.'

After spending the week only saying "You know why I'm here" and "I'm only here so I won't get fined," Marshawn actually opened up a bit and it was hilarious. Three best parts of the clip: when Marshawn asks Conan what he is 'on' and they all go into a plug for Lipitor. Then, when Conan asks Marshawn what he likes to play and he says 'Mario Kart', Conan asks why and he simply answers 'Toad. And I like driving.'

At the end of the bit, Conan brings out a trophy of a severed head and Gronkowski promptly places it mouth down into Conan's lap.

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