Not to send you into a panic or anything, but Valentine's Day is coming soon. You may want to start thinking about what to get your special someone for the most romantic day of the year. Sure you can wait until the last few days prior to the holiday and pay through-the-roof prices on flowers or chocolate. Or you can take advantage of some unique gift ideas that are sure to impress.

Take it from me, when it comes to getting a Montana man something for Valentine's Day, we can be pretty tough to shop for. But, if you think about the core things a typical Montana man likes, we are actually pretty easy to please.

A possible Valentine's Day gift for a Montana man could be:

  • Steak dinner
  • A six-pack of "fancy beer" (expensive or craft beer can fall in these categories)
  • a 30-pack of "budget beer" (Who doesn't love a Busch Latte?)
  • A new fishing rod
  • A box of rifle ammunition
  • A gift card for gas

Just recently, I stumbled upon a Valentine's Day gift that just about any man would enjoy. Gifts that lean closer to your classic Valentine's Day gifts. I discovered Meat Hearts and Meat Cards.

These "meat hearts" are just like you would imagine. They are similar to the candy hearts that are popular during the holiday. Except these hearts are simply heart-shaped pieces of jerky. Each meat heart is complete with romantic sayings like "Kiss Me" and "Beef Mine."

If you would rather send your Montana man an official Valentine's. Why not put your Valentine's Day message on a "MEAT CARD?" 

According to the Manly Man Company website

Using our specialized in-house laser machines, your personal message will be carefully engraved on a single sheet of delicious beef jerky. Each Meat Card™ is made to order at The Manly Man Company's California headquarters.

It is easy to see that the quickest way to any Montana man's heart is the gift of dried meat. So get your man some meat hearts or a personalized meat card today. Order here.

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