Grammy winning singer, Meat Loaf, gave his endorsement to Mitt Romney at a recent rally in Defiance, Ohio.  What Mitt didn't know was that Meat Loaf was about to make a fool of himself moments after the endorsement was made.  Meat Loaf, joined by Big and Rich and Randy Owen of the band Alabama, closed the rally with a rendition of 'America, The Beautiful.'  It just happened to be the worst rendition of 'America, The Beautiful' that anyone has ever heard.  Ever.  The four singers got about 1/10th of the words correct and were off key for most of the song.  This just goes to show that you should probably practice a song before singing it.

See what the guys had to say about Meat Loaf's horrible version of 'America, The Beautiful' below.

He's not trying to be funny, he thinks he's at some kind of weird pentecostal America Church. - Hot Wings