If Montana had a signature snack, it is safe to say that it is jerky. Montanans LOVE jerky. In fact, I dare you to walk into any convenience store and not see a display of various meat treats. It is our go-to snack that is packed with protein. Not only does it make you feel like an old mountain man or a cowboy when you tear off a chunk, but it is something that we here in cattle country hold in high regard.

It looks like our well-trained palate will be put to the test here in the near future.  Jack Links has combined two of your favorite c-store snack into one meat-tastic creation. Mixing Doritos flavor in with beef jerky.

According to Mashed.com

The flavors for Jack Link's products are going to be Spicy Sweet Chili and Flamin' Hot. That purple-bagged Sweet Chili chip is definitely one of the most popular Doritos flavors. This sweet, slightly spicy, and pleasantly tangy flavor is going to be a hit for jerky fans who typically reach for the mild or teriyaki flavors. The other option, Flamin' Hot, is definitely aimed at the heat-seekers.

Reviews of Doritos meat snacks have been positive so far. People are saying that both the spicy chili and flammin hot flavors are not as hot as they would have expected. But, for the most part, everyone seems to enjoy it.

Some of the products have begun trickling out, and have been spotted at convenience stores nationwide. I called Town Pump and it appears they have got a good supply of the new Doritos jerky and snack sticks if you want to give it a try.

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