For a football team that already has about 20 receivers on its roster, you might question why add another.

But with this kid's credentials and character, it would be pretty hard not want him on your team. Colorado State and Cincinnati, among others, did. And wow, can the young man fly!

Welcome to Griz Nation Malik Flowers, a 6-foot-2 freshman from Fontana, California. According to, Malik is a three-star recruit, who said he felt like the Montana coaching staff actually cared about what he had to say, not just wanting him for his athletic ability. He liked the feeling of being on that personal level with the coaches.

And his own coach at A.B. Miller High in Fontana, Shawn Moore, says Montana's not only getting a do-it-all multi-threat player, but a good, dependable young man with lots of leadership skills.

Malik is also an outstanding track athlete, and has been clocked in the 40-yard dash at 4.37. He has one of the 40 fastest high school times this year in the 110m hurdles. As his high school coach proudly points out, in the open field, "you are not going to catch him."

Sounds like we got us some real Flowers Power! Good kid, good player, good Griz, good times ahead. Welcome, Malik Flowers.



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