Grungy sludge merchants Melvins have just released the first song from their upcoming EP ‘The Bulls and the Bees.’ ‘National Hamster’ is one of the five tracks that will be released for free on March 13.

Melvins fans are sure to be happy with ‘National Hamster,’ as it captures the serene and hypnotic heaviness that the band has made their trademark. Longtime drummer Dale Crover raved about ‘National Hamster,’ which was unleashed earlier today by Scion A/V.

“Quite possibly my favorite song on the EP!” says Crover. “We had lots of fun with the vocals on this one. Also, it’s the first time I ever played guitar with a pencil. Probably the first time anyone’s played guitar with a pencil! Whatever works though, right?”

Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne also offered some insight on the atmosphere for the new track, claiming that it’s “amazing in its noisy calm intensity.”

On top of gifting a free EP in 2012, Melvins will also release an entire new album for their fans. The full-length record ‘Freak Puke‘ will be available come June 5. Melvins are also in the process to re-release the live album ‘Sugar Daddy’ as a 13-record separate vinyl split singles featuring a Melvins song on one side and track song from another artist on the B-side.

Listen to the Melvins track ‘National Hamster’