On this glorious anniversary of KC's majestic birth, I present to you, the time he got puked on. Keep in mind, KC is a frat boy, so he's been puked on plenty, but never quite like this memorable time.

In honor of KC's birthday, here is the time that his son B-Rad ate too many Lil Orbitz Donuts at Caras Park and barfed on his father's head.


hahaha, an oldie but a goody!

I do my fair share of busting KC's nuts, but I'll tell you what, the dude is the most loyal friend any person could ever hope to have. Solid af, hard worker, smart as a whip, funny as hell and a wonderful father. Happy Birthday KaceFace, hope you're so shitfaced that you are one eyin' it to read this blog, buddy!

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