Around song 6 of the Foo Fighters Encore last night , I realized "Holy S#$t this is just the beginning to a looong weekend." If you cant find the time to pack your tent and prentend to be homeless this weekend (a.k.a going camping). No worries. There is plenty for you to do around town.

Tonight the Dark Horse is offering up a FREE Metal Show starting around 9pm. Boise ID Band RIPCHAIN is teaming up with local rockers Judgement Hammer. We have dubbed it the "Foo Hangover" party.

Also tonight, The Band Red Fang will be performing at the Palace. I discovered these guys recently and think they pretty friggin badass. check out the funny ass video from their song "Prehistoric Dog"

Coming up on Monday those damn Canadians, The Trailer Park Boys will be LIVE onstage at The Wilma. Tickets are still on sale and doors are at 7p 5/30

Have Fun This Weekend... And dont forget WHY you get to enjoy the long weekend. Take a moment to remember the Fallen Soldiers that helped make this country so great.

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