If you were watching during the commercials of the Grammys last night, you might have caught Metallica in a spot for the upcoming Apple Music Carpool Karaoke series. The promo spot for the series is a bit of a mashup of all of the performers who will appear, including Metallica repeatedly saying "Master" with actor/comedian Billy Eichner in the car with them.

Carpool Karaoke has been one of the most popular recurring features on The Late Late Show With James Corden, as the late night host has employed the likes of everyone from Mariah Carey to Red Hot Chili Peppers to drive with him through the streets of Los Angeles, chit-chatting and singing along to songs usually from the artist but occasionally going off book singing other act's music.

The new Carpool Karaoke series is a spinoff of the Late Late Show feature, and not all episodes will feature Corden. In most cases, there are pairings of celebrities and musicians. Not only can you spot Eichner and Metallica together in the car, there were reports last fall of Eichner and Metallica entering a Los Angeles supermarket and involving a deli counter worker in their singing. We can now piece together that Eichner's involvement in that viral moment was tied to the new series. And it appears that "Master of Puppets" will be one of the songs featured on the Metallica episode.

Along with Metallica, Eichner and Corden, other participants in the series include Will Smith, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Ariana Grande, Seth MacFarlane, Chelsea Handler, Blake Shelton, Michael Strahan, John Cena and Shaquille O'Neal among others. Stay tuned here for more information on Apple's Carpool Karaoke series.

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