Sad news today for, Motley Crue Drummer/ Methods of Mayhem Frontman, Tommy Lee. He found out today that his Mother had passed away. No matter how old, a man has a hard time dealing with the loss of a parent. Even for a rock star. According to : Tommy Lee‘s mother, Vassiliki “Voula” Papadimitriou, was a beauty queen in her home country of Greece, making it far enough to compete for and win the title of Miss Greece in 1957. Tommy Lee’s parents moved from Athens, Greece, to California in 1963 when the future drumming icon was a mere one year of age. From then on, the influence of California, drumming and metal took hold of Lee, launching him into the legendary status he still holds today.

Today I felt I should hook up a video to show Tommy's Mom that her boy is a talented man. Today's vidiot pick is from Tommy Lee's side project band, Methods of Mayhem.

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