A Hudson Line Metro North train that departed from Poughkeepsie, NY derailed in the Bronx at about 7:30 this morning before reaching its destination at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. Multiple media sources report that 4 people have died and 63 others suffered injuries. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed the press this morning and confirmed the deaths.

The derailment occurred as the train was approaching the Spuyten Duyvil Metro North station. That station's platform is shown in the photo below.


Passenger Dianna Jackson, of Poughkeepsie, told the New York Daily News: "Maybe it was a minute, it felt like an eternity, I just wanted it to stop. ... I had gravel in my teeth, I was eating rocks. But I was grateful to be eating rocks because I'm still alive."

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-bound-metro-north-passenger-train-derails-bronx-article-1.1533963#ixzz2mF3VwJMy
Pictures show several train cars strewn just short of the Harlem River, which separates Manhattan and the Bronx. Rescue teams swarmed the scene, included 130 firefighters, the fire department confirmed.
The families of the four who died in the crash have not yet been notified, authorities said. Eleven people are currently listed in critical condition. At this point, authorities believe that all passengers are accounted for.
CNN reports that the train's operator told investigators the brakes were not operating properly as the train made its sharp turn into the station.

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